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dot.. is my newest project – small zines mailed at my own pace to people i love.
it’s a place for me to slow down and just be creative on my own terms.

dot.. is a zine but it’s really about connecting creative people to other creative people. it’s entirely not efficient or really scalable, i can not do it alone i have to ask for help to fold it and i like that.

collab here:

title: the name is born from the word “dawdle,” when we were kids my brother once referred to my slow pace as “full throttle dawdle” and it really stuck with me. i sat in the middle seat of my dad’s truck thinking to myself, “my brother is the most clever person i know.” he’s quick. not me. i hate to be rushed and if i’m rushed i’ll go slower. i like space around things, i like the in between. the funny thing is that i only learned how to spell dawdle when spell checking this project, i always assumed it was “dottle,” which, as it turns out, is a small bit of tobacco at the bottom of a pipe. that’s a cute word. i’m happy that i know it now. then, i learned that, “dawdle” is also not spelled, “doddle.” “doddle,” means, “a very easy task.” language is weird. dawdle? dottle? doddle? dotdotdot? … the space between thoughts… so in the end the name comes from a rearranging and turning over of these words in a way that got mixed up and came from a mistake. this project is about transforming, taking new shapes, and beginning before knowing where it will end.

donate to the proj? Ven-MooO me @ aliwsantana

scans of each issue are posted here:

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